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Rent to Own Furniture and Appliances

When considering buying or leasing furniture or appliances, you have many options. You can purchase or lease, and many rent to own stores also offer more expensive items. Be sure to compare prices, and set a budget before you go. You can buy a brand-new sofa or dining set for half the price if you prefer. However, if you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider renting instead of buying.

RTB Shopper

If you’re in the market for new furniture or appliances, consider renting them from the RTB Shopper store. The company will allow you to lease the items, meaning you’ll make monthly payments and then return them once you’re finished using them. Leasing can be an excellent option if you need to use the furniture or appliance for a short time, such as when you’re moving abroad. Unlike purchasing an item outright, you’ll pay less in rent each week, making it easier to fit the payments into your budget. Plus, if you decide you want to keep the item, after all, you can usually purchase it for a discounted price. So why not give rent-to-own a try next time you need to furnish your home?

Conn’s HomePlus

Whether you are in need of a new sofa, refrigerator, or washer and dryer, Conn’s HomePlus has lease-to-own furniture and appliances available. With A Better Conn’s HomePlus Lease powered by American First Finance, you can finance your purchase and take your new furniture home as soon as you’re done shopping. With ABF, you’ll never pay interest again on your furniture and appliances!

Rent One leases

If you are looking for affordable home furnishings, Rent One offers a wide variety of options for lease agreements. With flexible payments and no credit check, Rent One makes it easy for people of all income levels to get the furniture and appliances they want. Whether you are looking for a couch or a table, Rent One offers flexible payment plans that fit your budget. You’ll also be able to pick up your new furnishings and appliances on a date that works for you.

Rent One buys

If you want to save money and avoid paying for furniture for years to come, consider renting furniture from Rent One. Rent One buys furniture and appliances from thousands of people every day, and the company is committed to making the process easy for its customers. You’ll be able to find the furniture or appliance you’ve always wanted, and pay for it in easy monthly payments, or make the full payment in one lump sum. Rent One also offers flexible payment options, such as monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly payments.

Rent One offers free-rent offers

If you’re looking for free furniture or appliances, Rent One is an excellent option. It offers free delivery and setup, and the company offers a Worry-Free Guarantee. Plus, you can pay as you go. If you can’t afford the full price upfront, you can opt for an early purchase option and have up to 90 days to pay for your purchases. Then, you can use the Worry-Free Guarantee to pay as you go.


When you’re looking for new furniture, appliances, computers, or smartphones, Rent-A-Center is the place to go. Rent-A-Center offers easy payment plans on brand-name merchandise, and you can pick up and return items at any time. You can even upgrade your items while you’re renting them. And because Rent-A-Center carries so many top-brand items, you’re sure to find something you like.

Rent One sells

Rent One sells furniture and appliances for lease-to-own. The company’s mission is to provide a high-quality, affordable rental option to their customers. The company offers rent-to-own agreements for all types of items, including furniture and appliances. They also offer low prices on electronics and computers, home accents, and furniture. The process begins with an application and is simple. Once approved, the consumer simply needs to make a few payments over time.