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? ABIDE BY : uymak,itaat etmek.
She will abide by her promise.

? ASK FOR : istemek
She asked me for money.

? BACK UP : desteklemek
I hope you will back me up in this argument.

? BE ABOUT TO :üzere olmak
The match is about to start.

? BE OFF : ayrılmak ,izinde olmak
He is off today.He will come tomorrow.

? BE OVER :bitmek
The exam is over.Please stop writing.

? BREAK DOWN :bozulmak
My car has broken down.

? BREAK INTO :müdahale etmek
She broke into the conversation with urgent news.

? BREAK INTO :girmek(hırsız,eve)
The burglar broke into the house at night.

? BREAK OFF:kesmek
They have broken off the negotiations.

? BREAK OUT :başlamak,patlamak(tartışma ...)
Fighting broke out among students.

? BREAK UP :kopmak,sona ermek
The meeting broke up at nine o'clock.

? BREAK UP :kirmak
The naughty child broke up a lot plates.

? BRING about:sebep olmak
The earthquake brought about considerable damage in the town.

? BRING DOWN : azaltmak
They must bring down the prices because no one can buy anything.

? BRING UP :yetiştirmek
It is difficult to bring up children.

? BRING UP: gündeme getirmek
He wanted to bring up the matter at the meeting but he decided not to do that later.

? BURST OUT : patlamak,birdenbire başlamak
To my amazement,he burst out laughing.

? CALL AT:uğramak
I called at the post office on my way to school.

? CALL OFF:iptal etmek
The meeting was called off because the chairman was ill.

? CALL FOR :gerektirmek
The situation calls for rapid action .

? CALL FOR:almak
I'll call for you at about two o'clock.

? CALL ON:ziyaret etmek
He called on all the doctors in the district with medical samples.

? CALL ON:istemek,rica etmek
The congress has called on the president to answer these charges.

? CALL UP:aramak(telefonla)
Call me up at 6:00.

? CARRY OUT:yapmak,yerine getirmek
He carried out the plan without difficulty.

? CARRY ON:devam etmek
The crew carried on without the captain.

? CATCH UP WITH:ulaşmak
You must catch up with your friends.

? CHEER UP:neşelenmek
Cheer up!Things can't be that bad!

? COME about:olmak
How did this problem come about?

? COME ACROSS:tesadüfen karşılaşmak
He came across his old medicalbooks in the cupboard.

? COME BY:elde etmek
I do not know how he came by his money.

? COME OUT: yok olmak
I put my skirt in cold water and the stains came out.

? COME OUT:ortaya çıkmak
The truth will come out,you can't conceal it.

? COME UP AGAINST:karşılaşmak(zorluk)
Everyone comes up against discrimination sooner or later.

? CUT OFF:kesmek
The electricity was cut off last night.

? CUT DOWN (ON):azaltmak
The doctor told me to cut down on smoking.

? COUNT ON:güvenmek
You can count on me.

? CROSS OUT:silmek
Cross his name out .He does not want to join.

? DO AWAY WITH: kaldırmak(yürürlükten)
The government did away with free school meals.

? FIGURE OUT: hesaplamak,anlamak
I can't figure out why he left his job.

? FILL IN:doldurmak(form... )
John filled in the entire form incorrectly.

? FIND OUT:öğrenmek
We must find out who he is.

? GET ACROSS:aktarmak
I'm not very good at getting my ideas across.

? GET AWAY WITH:cezasız kalmak
Too many criminals get away with their crimes.

? GET AHEAD:ilerlemek
He's a very bright boy,he's sure to get ahead in his job.

? GET ALONG:uyumlu olmak
I get along with my brother quite well.

? GET AT:ima etmek
What are you getting at ?

? GET AWAY:kaçmak,uzaklaşmak
We need to get away for a vacation.

? GET BACK:geri dönmek
I think I had better get back home before it's late.

? GET OFF:inmek
She is getting off the bus now.

? GET ON:binmek
David gets on the busevery day at 7:30.

? GET ON:ilerlemek
How is Mrs. Brown getting on?She was very ill last week.

? GET OVER:iyileşmek
He got over his illness.

? GET RID OF:baştan atmak,kurtulmak
He's gone and,I'm glad toget rid of him.

? GET THROUGH:bitirmek(ayrıca;ulaşmak,geçmek(sınav))
He had so much work that he thought he would never get through it.

? GIVE AWAY:yaymak
Don't give my secret away!

? GIVE AWAY:dağıtmak
I gave away a lot of money.

? GIVE IN:teslim olmak,boyun eğmek
I just gave in to his demand.

? GIVE UP:bırakmak
He gave up smoking on his doctor's advice.

? GIVE UP:teslim olmak
The escaped prisoner gave himself up to the police.

? GIVE UP:bırakmak
We gave up the project because of a lack of financial means.

? GO BACK ON:ihanet etmek
Don't trust him,he always goes back on his word.

? GO ON:olmak
Whatever's going on here?

? GO ON :devam etmek
Don't stop.Go on with your story.

? GO OVER:kontrol etmek
They went over the accounts with great care.

? GO THROUGH:kontrol etmek
We'll go through the questions again and you can see where you went wrong.

? GO THROUGH: muzdarip olmak,acı çekmek
She has gone through a lot of suffering.

? GO UP:artmak
Prices are going up rapidly this year.

? GO UP:atlamak
The whole building went up in flames.

? HOLD ON :beklemek
Hold on a minute please.

? HOLD UP:engellemek
Road-works on the motorway are holding up the traffic.

? JOT DOWN:not almak
Jot down his address on this piece of paper.

? KEEP ON:devam etmek
We just have to keep on trying.

? KEEP UP:devam etmek
Keep up the good work.

? KEEP UP WITH:ayak uydurmak
We must keep up with the times.

? LAY OFF:işten kovmak
He was laid off on Friday.

? LET DOWN:hayal kırıklığına uğratmak
Don't worry.I won't let you down.

? LIVE UP TO:karşılamak,yerine getirmek
The film did not live up to my expectations.

? LOOK AFTER:bakmak,göz kulak olmak
The woman asked her neighbour to look after her flowers while she was gone.

? LOOK FOR:aramak
I'm still looking for my book.

? LOOK DOWN ON:küçük görmek
He looks down on his poor neighbors.

? LOOK INTO:araştırmak
The police are looking into the matter.

? LOOK OVER:kontrol etmek
People look things over carefully before buying them.

? LOOK UP:aramak(sözlükle kelime)
Look up that word in the dictionary.

? LOOK UP TO:hayran olmak
I really look up to him.

? MAKE OF :anlamak
What do you make of it all?

? MAKE OUT:tanımak
The fog was very thick and I couldn't make out what was coming towards me.

? MAKE OUT:anlamak
He speaks very badly,I can't make out what he's saying.

? MAKE OUT:yazmak
The doctor made me out a prescription.

? MAKE UP:oluşturmak
Farming and mining make up most of the country's industry.

? MAKE UP:icat etmek
He's a terrible liar,He's always making up stories.

? MAKE UP:makyaj yapmak
Most girls make up their faces nowadays.

? MAKE UP SB'S MIND:karar vermek
You must make up your mind if you want to be a doctor or not.

? MAKE UP:barışmak
The lovers made up after their fight.

? MAKE UP FOR:telaffi etmek
You're very late, now we'll have to work hard to make up for lost time.

? MIX UP:karıştırmak
I always get those twins mixed up.

? PASS AWAY:ölmek
The woman passed away at age 103.

? PASS OUT:bayılmak
He passed out upon seeing blood.

? PICK OUT:teşhis etmek
The victim picked out the criminal from the line-up.

? POINT OUT:betirtmek
Let me point out to you that this is very crucial.

? PULL OUT:çekmek
I had my tooth pulled out.

? PUT ACROSS:açıklamak
He put the point across very well,and everybody agreed with him.

? PUT DOWN:bastırmak
The rebellion was put down by the Army.

? PUT DOWN:yazmak
He put down everything I said.

? PUT FORWARD:öne sürmek
He put forward a very controversial idea which had little chance of being accepted.

? PUT OFF:ertelemek
The meeting has been put off until next week.

? PUT OUT:söndürnek
If they had put the light out, there wouldn't have been a fire which needed putting out.

? PUT THROUGH:bağlamak
The telephone operator put me through almost immediately.

? PUT UP WITH:tahammul etmek
The hospital was near a main road so the patients had to put up with a lot of noise.

? RULE OUT:hariç bırakmak,gözardı etmek
That possibility cannot be ruled out.

? RUN AFTER:takip etmek
The thief ran after the victim.

? RUN INTO:karşılaşmak(umulmadık anda)
I ran into one of my old friends yesterday.

? RUN OUT OF:bitirmek
We have just run out of money.

? SET OFF:yola çıkmak
They set off search of the lost child.

? SET about:başlamak
The sooner we set about it the sooner we'll finish it.

? SET about:ilgilenmek
He set about this job in completely the wrong way.

? SEND FOR:çağırmak
They sent for the doctor.

? SET UP:kurmak
Two big parties set up a coalition government.

? STAND BY:desteklemek
If they try to make you resign, we'll stand by you.

? STAND FOR:temsil etmek
This symbol stands for friendship.

? STEP UP:arttırmak
The guerrillas stepped up their attacks on the government forces.

? STEP DOWN:istifa etmek
The minister accused of involvement in a financial scandal refused to step down.

? TAKE ABACK:şaşırtmak
When the chief surgeon suddenly announced he was going to leave, we were all taken aback.

? TAKE AFTER:benzemek,çekmek
The girl takes after her mother.

? TAKE FOR:karıştırmak
What do you take me for,a fool?

? TAKE IN:anlamak
The nurse wasn't listening very attentively and suddenly realized she hadn't taken in what the doctor said.

? TAKE IN:aldatmak
He was very plausible.I was completely taken in by his lies.

? TAKE IN:küçültmek
Her dress was too wide on the waist so she took it in.

? TAKE OFF:havalanmak
The aeroplane took off smoothly.

? TAKE ON:üslenmek
She has taken on too many responsibilities.

? TAKE OVER:üslenmek
When his father died he took over the family business.

? TAKE UP:işkal etmek
Most of a doctor's time is taken up talking to patients.

? TRY ON:denemek
I tried on three suits today and none fit.

? TRY OUT:test etmek
Let's try out this rocket fuel today.

? TURN DOWN:reddetmek
They turned down my request for a raise.

? TURN DOWN:kısmak
She turned the radio down before answering the phone.

? TURN OFF:kapatmak
Turn off the lights before you go to bed.

? TURN OFF:çıkmak,ayrılmak
To reach Boston you should turn off at the next exit.

? TURN ON:açmak
Turn on the water please .

? TURN OUT:çıkmak,olmak
The party turned out a success.

? TURN OUT:sonuçlanmak
Things have turned out well:

If he doesn't turn up soon,we shall have to go without him.

? WEAR OFF:varmak
The medicine wore off after about three hours.

? WEAR OUT:yormak
Those children are wearing me out.

? WEAR OUT:eskimek
Those thin shoes will wear out quickly.

? WIPE OUT:tamamen yok etmek
Whole villages were wiped out in the bombing raids.

? WIPE OUT:silmek
This year's losses have wiped out last year's profits.

? WORK OUT:başarılı olmak
The plan worked out.

? WORK OUT: bulmak
If you can work out a way of saving the company, you're welcome to go ahead and try.

? WORK OUT:geliştirmek
We are always hopeful that a more practical solution can be worked out.

? WORK OUT:anlamak
I'm trying to work out what's wrong.

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